Prelude to Pixar

Good evening, gentle b-rollers! I know what you’re thinking: Hey! You promised us a Pixar post today! What the hell?!

Yeah. About that. Allow me to explain, darling readers. I had an excellent plan for my Sunday. Step 1: Call b-roll Dad and wish him a happy Father’s Day (duh). Step 2: Go for a bicycle ride around the DC Mall. (Sure, I’m wildly out of shape, but it sounds like fun, no?) Step 3: Sit down to write part 1 of my Pixar ranking. It was to be a full yet delightful day.

Well, here’s what happened. By the time I finished Step 1 (hi Dad!) and headed out for my bike ride, it was early afternoon on a gloriously sunny summer day. Now, if you’ve never been to Washington in the summertime and need some background, the weather here from June through August can best be described as “outer circles of Hell, but more humid.” So I rounded the Mall in scorching 94-degree heat, enjoying the ride – it’s a marvelous trek, to be sure, although if you plan to bike the Mall you should be prepared to dodge visitors who stop abruptly to open a map and wonder aloud/loudly which museum is which – and by the time I was done, I felt overheated yet pleased that I had both exercised and avoided picking off any stray tourists. I walked home on increasingly-wobbly legs and cooked myself dinner (another energy-utilizing task to which I am not usually accustomed), and climbed into bed with my laptop to start my Pixar list, congratulating myself on my productive and satisfying day.

And here’s where the wheels came off the wagon, b-rollers. I had the best of intentions to commit myself to blogging, but alas, the heat and exercise finally took over. A state of semi-catatonia washed over me and all I could do was channel surf between the Red Sox game and the movie Remember the Titans while brief, uncomplicated thoughts swam through my head. Pedroia! I like him. Buchholz is pitching well. My legs hurt. Inning change – flip. The championship game scene. That’s exciting. Oh, the paralyzed guy. That was sad. My legs hurt. Commercial break – flip. Pedroia! I like him. My legs hurt. It was not a good time for an insightful and witty analysis of Ratatouille.

So in summation: The Pixar list has been slightly delayed. But fear not, faithful b-rollers, as I’ll be bringing you the first part of my Pixar list on Wednesday, with the second half – the top 5 Pixar movies ITHOOBR (In The Humble Opinion of B-Roll) – on Friday.

And in the meantime, I bring you a peace offering – a short animated feature to whet your appetite. This was produced as a student film at UCLA, and it came to my attention when it won an award from my company last year, and rightfully so, because IT. IS. AMAZING. Most Pixar movies make me weep by the ninety minute mark; this film gets me after four. So enjoy Sebastian’s Voodoo, and please return on Wednesday for The Best of Pixar, Volume 1. Til then, b-rollers.

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  1. I have been fortunate to have seen this short film before, but I am crying even harder now the second time seeing it. It is just beautiful and so heroic. Thanks for sharing this, Bets. Many many people need to see it.

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