How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

Blogs make me happy to be a child of the Internet era. I’d always thought of being a writer, at least recreationally, but I found that there were two major obstacles in my way: a lack of focused discipline that would allow me to write more than 600 words at a sitting; and a desire to write, but not be read.

Thanks to the miracle of WordPress and our warm cultural embrace of chronic ADD, I can now comfortably write without an 800-page book as my endgame. In fact, this post is probably too long already. Whatever.

The latter, well…I don’t know.

It’s been a recurring theme with me. It took me a full year of Facebook membership to post regularly. I have no idea why I hesitated so deeply to express myself in status updates, not that they particularly illuminate the corners of my soul. My last update was about Girl Scout Cookies.

But I don’t know why I want to write now. Maybe, at the ripe age of 28, I’ve matured and grown out of the idea that saying nothing and hearing nothing negative in return is the best option. I don’t think I have; I’m not a water-off-a-duck’s-back kind of person. And while I hope/think that I have something interesting to say, maybe I don’t.

This blog won’t be about me, though. It’ll be about what I’m most interested in – movies, television, entertainment. I know that there are roughly six kajillion blogs and websites that cover the same ground, and I don’t know that I offer a fresh new perspective. When I contemplated blogging, I thought about themes and creative angles; how to stand out and write about something totally original and untapped. But I kept coming back to the same place, because I find that nothing in this world captures me this way. I daydream in movies; I soak in the joy and the angst. I obsess over the minutiae, and I feel profound admiration for those who so move me and surprise me that I don’t want to separate my world from theirs.

There’s a wonderful line in the first Harry Potter novel in which Dumbledore says, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” It’s one of my favorite quotes, and yet it makes me profoundly sad, because I can’t help it. I dwell on the dreams of others. But my consolation is that even though I lose myself for a while, I usually find my way back knowing a little more than I did before about the marvelous complexity of the human condition, about the remarkable power of imagination, and about the person that I want to be.

So, actually, I’m wrong. This blog will be about me. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you’ll never come back, and maybe the only ones visiting next month will be my parents, my roommates and a tiny, loyal band of Facebook friends. And if you don’t like it, well…don’t tell me. Seriously, you’ll probably make me cry. But not as hard as WALL-E does.


  1. Dear Betsy,

    Good luck with the blog. Don’t know what blog means but that’s ok. And didn’t know
    what they wanted when they asked for the website so don’t even know if you will get
    this. If not, then, I’ll write to the usual e-mail address.

  2. This is fantastic – Can’t wait to read more about my favorite past-time! There can never be too much analyzing when it comes to movies and tv.

  3. Even if you weren’t one of my 4th grade star pupils, I’d still love your blog. You’re a talented writer and funny. That’s rare. And as a writer now myself, I know how hard it is to string the perfect set of words together. And you did it! I’m so proud of you! I will share it on my twitter and FB account! Keep at it, Betsy!

  4. I too loved Wall – e 🙂

    This’ll be like sitting next to you on the couch every time you watch a movie…great!

  5. ok, i’m in love. love, love, love it. you are a wonderful, witty, honest and refreshing writer. since i’m so out of the loop on any/all movie and tv happenings, i will look forward (greatly) to the b-roll. not to mention getting to know my cousin better. truly, this is great. kuddos and thanks 🙂

  6. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments! I clearly have the best friends and family in the world, not that that was ever in doubt. 🙂

  7. BoSox fan? Didn’t know that. My deepest sympathy (said from a Dodgers fan). I;ve got a couple of comments on my blog (click on the verdun2 beside this comment), but you’ll have to go back a couple of months to read them.

    1. Well, they’ve got a couple of rings now; can’t complain. 🙂 Thanks for reading – hope the Dodgers and Sox both have great seasons!

  8. See you looked at my blog. Hope you found at least one BoSox post you enjoyed. Haven’t sent the address to Jen as I know she’s not a big baseball fan.

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