Oh, what the hell. LET’S LIVE BLOG.

I may not have blogged since last year’s Oscars, but WHAT THE HELL. Let’s do this, b-rollers.

8:19: I should mention: I’m on my second glass of wine. S**t is about to get real, folks.

8:22: Dear ABC: Best not to start a promo with “Everyone on Twitter agrees…” since no one on Twitter has ever agreed about anything. You could say “Human trafficking isn’t great” and you’d find dissenters.

8:26: Before we get into it, just a note that it would be very classy and righteous to hear someone mention the name Sarah Jones this evening. Let’s hope it happens.

8:30: And we’re live! The stage is filled with weirdly silicone Oscars who look a tad too alien-ish for my comfort level.

8:31: “It has been raining. We’re fine. Thank you for your prayers.” Oh, Los Angeles…