Well, this was unexpected…

Happy Friday, b-rollers! Just a quick note because OH MY GOD, A NEW JOHNNY DEPP AND TIM BURTON MOVIE.

Sorry, I get a little excited by these things. I adore most of their creepily fantastic collaborations, such as Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Ed Wood. I was even one of the apologists who liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; that movie was subtly awesome, and I will not hear otherwise.

Now, I shouldn’t have been surprised that their next film, Dark Shadows, would be filled with odd, sly humor. That’s kind of their thing. But I was not expecting a peppy laughriot, a kind of man-out-of-time, Austin Powers-meets-Twilight, with a vampire that is intentionally funny.

That’s not a bad thing; I’ll definitely go see this. But just like I’m ready to see Liam Neeson play something other than a rampaging badass, I think it’s time for Johnny to play a normal(ish) human in a thriller, or a drama. (The Tourist doesn’t remotely count.) I guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

What say you, b-rollers? Will you see Dark Shadows?


  1. First of all, have you seen the picture of him as Tonto in the new Lone Ranger? Very exciting to anticipate but certainly not the Tonto of my childhood. Secondly did you see The Tourist? Normal person. I am the only person I know who liked that movie.

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