COMMUNITY is back! And lots of other stuff

Happy Thursday, b-rollers! Just a quick note to let you know that Community returns tonight, and you really should watch it live (NBC, 8pm). Why, you ask? Well, this brilliant little show is hanging on by its fingernails, and frankly, I don’t want to live in a world in which the Kardashians have six shows and Community is cancelled due to low ratings. Also, the marvelous Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) not only has an Oscar, but an indelible moment in time. There is no reason for you not to watch, okay? Please don’t Britta this opportunity. (If that doesn’t make sense, read this article. AND WATCH.)

Now, for a look at some of the many things I plan to be blogging about in the days to come:

  • I have yet to see John Carter – my roommate and fellow Tim Riggins groupie was ill last weekend – but plan to do so soon. Look for thoughts next week. I am not usually a connoisseur of fantasy films, but I promise to attempt to offer a more thoughtful analysis than “oh my God, his abs.”
  • Longtime reader (and awesome baseball blogger) Verdun2 posed a great question: Which movies deserved the Oscar for Best Picture but were passed over? The list is long, of course, but everyone has favorites that were snubbed. I’ll put together some initial thoughts for this weekend – and from the get-go, I have a slew of ’em – but in the meantime, what are your favorite movies? I’m happy to do the research and find out how successful they were, Oscar-wise, and/or which films they lost to. Let’s make this interactive, b-rollers. Chime in.
  • Also, this brings me to a big project: My ranking of the films of 2011 (caveat: that I saw). A couple of years ago, I did a list of the 20 best films of the year, split into three parts; this year, I think I may go ahead and rank all of the films (and be pithier in my descriptions, so that it’s not the length of the King James). The awful films deserve their day in the spotlight too, methinks.

I shall get right to work, b-rollers. What else would you like to see? And who else is excited to go back to Greendale tonight?


  1. Knowing who all these flicks lost to at Oscar time, let me suggest 5 to check out when you get ready to give us your list. In no particular order: Citizen Kane, The Grapes of Wrath, Double Indemnity, The Ox Bow Incident, and The Third Man. As you can see, I think the 1940s was an especially bad time for Oscar.

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