The Best Laid Plans…

Happy Friday, b-rollers. I had such a great plan for this week. Lots of in-depth Oscar talk, which I love (you may care less, we’ll agree to disagree). And then on Tuesday night, just as I was finishing my Voice recap, the internet access in my apartment went dead. After my roommate spent 42 endless minutes on the phone with our internet provider – highlighted by the operator suggesting that the issue was with our computers, to which my roommate replied, “You think both of our laptops simultaneously broke in the exact same way?” – an appointment was made for a technician to come on Thursday morning to fix it.

Now, here’s where this gets interesting.

The appointment was for 8-11am, so I waited by the phone, just in case our technician was the first person in the history of cable appointments to show up on the early end of their scheduled window. Stunningly, the phone rang at 8:15, and just to highlight the week that was in technological futility, the damn phone headset died, so I couldn’t answer the phone to tell the person that we were home; I could, however, hear the technician leaving a message that we should call to reschedule the appointment. In a blind panic, I threw on sneakers, grabbed my keys, sprinted down the street to the cable truck that was parked a block and a half away, and breathlessly yelled at the technician, “Pleasedon’tleaveourphonediedbutwe’rereallyhome.” Then, with a carefully attempted nonchalance, I calmly walked back to my apartment while ignoring all of the startled commuters who were wondering why this lunatic was strolling down 12th Street in her pajamas.

This is how badly I needed my internet back.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that our new modem is up and running, and internet access has been restored to Casa b-roll, but not before putting me way behind. I’ll post an Oscar preview tomorrow, and would love to see your Oscar picks as well; please share. And that Iron Man live blog on Oscar Sunday is on like Donkey Kong. Be there, folks.

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