Hot Child(ren) in the City

I turned 30 this past weekend, b-rollers. A momentous occasion, of course. I’d like to get a little philosophical, if I may, but me being the same old me (extra emphasis on “old”), I will, of course, relate this to pop culture.

I suppose the gag is to say that you’ll spend your 30th drunk and depressed, but in all truth, I spent my birthday in a state of bliss. I was surprised by my parents and the most remarkable group of friends, all of whom traveled to New York City to celebrate the day with me and a mutual birthday-girl friend; it was a stunning weekend of constant surprises and pure, total joy.  We skated in Rockefeller Center. We wandered through Bloomingdale’s. We danced to ’80s music in SoHo.

We were a walking ad for the complete DVD collection of Sex and the City.

Now, Sex and the City has become a sort of girly cornball cliche; time and a pretty awful movie (the recent sequel, blech) will do that. But for those who think it’s all cosmos and sex talk, allow me to disavow you of that notion. The reason that Sex and the City connects (with women, I know) is because it’s fundamentally about the love that you give and get. Not the romantic relationships; those were sub-plots. It’s about the family that will always surprise you, and catch you, and love you. (And yes, the shoes are amazing.)

And on a beautiful New York City weekend, I suddenly realized that – cliche be damned – much of what I know about life I learned from Carrie Bradshaw. Rather than dwell on the Oh dear God, I’m 30! and the five-year plans and bucket lists, I was overwhelmed by how extraordinarily blessed I am to have the family that surrounded me – my parents and my best friends, the loves of my life thus far. (Though I continue to hold out hope that a Hugh Dancy-type is in my future.) And I felt so damned special to be loved by a group that was so damned special.

Now since I’m theoretically wiser, allow me to share some sage advice. I quoth the Book of Bradshaw, final chapter and verse (ie, the finale episode):

The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you YOU love, well…that’s just fabulous.

Love yourself. Treasure those who love you back.

And if you must turn 30, do it in a badass pair of heels.


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