Howdy, b-rollers! It’s been a busy week and promises to be a busier weekend, so let me share a few random, long-winded rants to tide us through until next week. Please feel free to do the same in the comments section, if you’re so inclined. I’m listening.

  • If you are lucky enough to have HBO (that was not an intentional pun relative to HBO’s new show Luck, but if you want it to be then knock yourself out), you can catch the documentary The Union this weekend, which chronicles the making of Elton John and Leon Russell’s album of that name. I saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival last year (brief pause for you to be impressed…okay, cool), and allow me to offer a mini-review capsule. Pros: Great concert footage (both old and new), fascinating glimpse into Elton John’s writing process, and a terrific introduction to Leon Russell for those (like me) who don’t know anything about him. (Very impressive guy.)  Con: Elton John was really, really proud of himself for “rescuing” Leon Russell from obscurity, and I found it occasionally grating. Yes, Elton. You’re a lamb. Now back to the piano with you. But if you’re a fan of Elton John or Leon Russell, or are just curious how the hell an album is made, it’s worth the time.
  • Speaking of icons, Glee covered Michael Jackson this week. (This was basically the opening of the show: “I love Michael Jackson.” “Oh my God, me too.” “We should sing Michael Jackson songs this week.” “Great idea! I know how to start…” (wink)…and five teenagers break into “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” and dance down a school corridor. Guys, this show was up for a Golden Globe a couple of weeks ago. Consider.) Anyway, in an early scene Rachel (Lea Michele, for the non-watchers) mentions that she never really “got” Michael Jackson (though she miraculously knew several of his songs by heart throughout the episode!), and the other kids acted like she had just declared herself the mistress of Satan. So I took the opportunity to say, in my apartment with just my roommate present, that I kind of agreed with her. It was a brave stand, b-rollers, but I had to make it. But I’ll be braver and say it here: I like much of Michael Jackson’s music, he owns several spots on my iPod’s ’80s playlist, I admit he’s iconic, he was an electric performer, and most of his songs sound exactly the same to me. And the crotch-grabbing was just unnecessary. Also, I say this not to speak ill of the dead, but there were a lot of issues. Remember? Just saying. Anyone with me on this?
  • True to my word, I moved The Tree of Life to the top of my Netflix queue and it arrived in the mail earlier this week. I haven’t even removed it from the envelope yet. This will end really well.
  • The Super Bowl is on Sunday! My beloved Patriots are in the game, so I will, predictably, be an absolute wreck. In a related story, I usually watch ESPN in the mornings while getting ready for work, but two solid weeks of nothing but the same few things to chew over – Is that guy hurt? Is that team’s line good enough? Where do we rank the QBs all time? Is this guy overrated? How many times can we talk about this before our fans disavow football forever and take up ice dancing? –  has left me ready to march to ESPN headquarters and target their satellites with a sledgehammer and a dream. Can we just, like, play the game now? Anyone have a problem with that?
  • Speaking of manufactured news cycles that drag on far too long, Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney’s candidacy for President today. There was a news conference and everything. Okay, raise your hand if you give a flying you-know-what who Donald Trump thinks should be President. If your hand is raised, please lay your head back as far as it will go, keep your hand in the air, and hope that the blood flow to your brain has increased. Thank you. Also, I know the election’s not supposed to be until November, but let’s just vote now. Please. I can’t take ten more months. In fact, let’s play the Super Bowl tomorrow, then head to the polls as soon as it’s done. Everyone cool with that? Awesome.

What’s bothering you, folks?


  1. I totally agree on everything you wrote, especially the Super Bowl and ESPN. I actually gave up watching some of my FAVORITE morning talk show this morning (not mentioning any names, Mike and Mike) because it’s time to play and stop talking. (Especially when someone is dissing my Pats.) And Michael Jackson was cuter and easier to listen to when he was young and one of the Jackson 5, so there!

  2. Carrie-Lee Betsy, I do agree with the football stuff – I only watch about 3 secs a week
    anyway and it does get to be the same (and I agree with Susan). As for the
    election stuff, get on with the election. Hold it next week and everyone can
    get back to work! I’m glad we have only 30 days for electioneering here in
    Canada, once they call an election – can’t imagine listening to this group for
    a year! Love the blogs.

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