Fun Poll Question!

Good afternoon, b-rollers! Two quick things today: First of all, the SAG Awards are tomorrow evening, so of course I shall plan to live-blog them. Feel free to join in, if you give a good damn about the SAG Awards (and I honest-to-God can’t blame you if you don’t).

Secondly, I have a theory that I’m working on for a post. (I can’t tell you yet. Suspense.) But I’d like your opinions, to see how far off I am. So allow me to throw out the vaguest possible poll question: Who are your favorite actors, and why? And to get even more specific, what are your favorite film/TV performances? Past, present, whatever (and I’m using “actor” for brevity, but this includes both genders). Chime in, b-rollers. Please and thank you.


  1. Favorite actor: Cary Grant, George Clooney, Colin Firth Why: because they are all handsome, charming, and make movies that transport you to another time, another place
    Favorite film/TV performances: Cary Grant in North by Northwest; Lucille Ball in any I Love Lucy; Matthew What’s His Name in Pride and Prejudice.

    1. It’s totally rimtnaoc. I mean heroic.(I mean rimtnaoc.)They’re both crying. If one of them was a woman, this would be the moment where they started kissing passionately, but instead they’re manly bros and Charles tells him to get back out there and win it for the hometown, ass-slapping implied. I WANT TO READ THE FANFIC VERSION OF THEIR STORY just saying. During the entire movie, I decided the real reason they became enemies was because their affair ended badly. I wanted them to make sweet mutant love and adopt the younglings and live happily ever after. Just me?Also, if I looked like January Jones, I would never wear anything to cover my belly. Ever. And then I would stare at myself all day for having the perfect belly and being able to wear white without spilling anything on it. You did a GREAT job recapping this. Creepy-uncleing is my new favorite verb.

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