Mea Culpa

Happy Sunday, b-rollers! I totally planned on bringing you my pre-Oscar nomination thoughts tonight, and I settled in to write as my beloved Patriots took on the Ravens for a trip to the Super Bowl. What a wonderful way to distract myself from the game so that I don’t get too nervous, I thought, completely forgetting that during Patriot playoff games I become anxious bordering on manic, and can only concentrate on repetitive and mindless things. So I played roughly 84 games of sudoku and ate a mountain of tortilla chips, but blogging, not so much.

(To give you an idea of how tense this game was, here’s the post-game exchange between me and my roommate.
Me: “We won! Ohmigod, it was heartstopping.”
Roomie: “But doesn’t that make it more fun?!”
Me: “No. Not at all.”
Roomie: “But it’s more exciting!”
Me: “No. I’ve lost three years of my life.”)

Anyway, I will make it up to you, I promise. I’ll be back tomorrow with my Oscar predictions and dream cast, and then on Tuesday with reactions to the actual nominees. Sound good? Awesome.

In the meantime, feel free to leave your good luck wishes to the Super Bowl-bound Patriots in the comments section. See you tomorrow.

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