Happy Friday, b-rollers! A quick note on b-roll coming attractions as we head into the home stretch of the holiday season.

  • As noted, I’ll be posting my “b-roll TV Year in Review” on Sunday. Brace yourselves, it’s not a quick read. I, uh, watch more TV than I realized. I stand by my earlier statement that most of it isn’t that great, it’s just that I still consume it in bulk. Anyway. Sunday.
  • The reason I’m not posting it on Saturday is two-fold: 1) I have bought just one single Christmas present so far, and since I actually know more than one person, I have some heavy shopping to do. 2) To get myself in the Christmas spirit, I’m going to preface my shopping by seeing one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies, A Muppet Christmas Carol, on the big screen at the AFI Silver Theater (bless them and their Muppet-loving hearts). This is the first time I’ll get to see this movie in an actual theater and I am dizzy with excitement. I know, I’m a child, but it’s just not Christmas until Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) calls Rizzo the Rat an idiot.
  • And speaking of Christmas movies, I think that deserves a post all its own, don’t you? I’ll come up with some thoughts next week. There are just so many good ones. And a warning: I’m not a huge fan of the oldies (It’s a Wonderful Life, etc.) and lean more towards stupid humor (see above), so if you are preliminarily outraged, fair enough; feel free to defend your favorites.
  • And finally, this may or may not happen by Christmas, but I’ll have a post soon on a mini-debate raging among the tiny group of people who actually care regarding the frontrunners for the Oscars this year – The Artist (haven’t seen yet), Hugo (which I loved), etc. – and the nature of these “escapist” movies. You may not care either, but as soon as I get my thoughts in order (I’m trying to be articulate and stuff), I’ll let you know.

And that’s the plan up to Christmas. And then: a break. But you’ve been blogging so constantly, you argue (there’s no need to be snide). I’ll be home in New Hampshire for over a week, and there are people to see and presents to open and long naps to take, so that’ll be it until the New Year, when I’ll be back with more b-roll. I swear to Kermit.

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