Trailer: John Carter

Happy Friday, everyone! The new trailer for the Disney blockbuster John Carter premiered last week (a teaser was released this summer), and I’m curious to see what everyone thinks. I’ve seen a bunch of different reactions on the interwebs: Looks amazing! Totally disappointed. Total Star Wars ripoff. This will be incredible!!!! I just hope it doesn’t suck. The next Avatar! (I think this was meant in a good way; for me, it’s the tempered praise of “beautiful, but oh, how plotless.”)

John Carter does look a little Gladiator-meets-Star Wars, and “fantasy epic” is not usually my genre (for real), but I actually want to see this for two reasons.

One, it’s directed by Andrew Stanton, the (freaking genius) director of WALL-E and Finding Nemo, which, as you know, I hopelessly love. But live action is a whole different game, so I’m hopeful (but not sold) that he can pull it off.

Also, remember that post in which I talked/gushed about how much I adore the show Friday Night Lights, and the character of Tim Riggins? Well, in a related story, Riggins – his real name is Taylor Kitsch, but he will always be Riggins in Casa b-roll – is the star of this film. Incidentally, the runner-up star of the film: Riggins’ abs. I don’t know who decided that his Martian warrior armor should consist of a thin strap across his chest, but God bless, costuming department.

So will I see this? Yes. I will. And I expect Riggins’ abs this Martian world to look spectacular in 3D IMAX.

What’s your verdict, b-rollers?

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  1. I like the pictures sttraegy.Last year when we had (yet another) outside evaluation done, we put together a large 3 ring binder for the evaluation team (school records, examples of work from school and done at home, etc.).On the cover we put a 5 x 7 picture of Buddy Boy, for exactly the reason you stated. Even though they were going to observe him for a couple of hours, we wanted to remind them of his humanity the whole time they were compiling their report.

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