The Hunger Games Trailer!

Just a short post today after taking the weekend off (because come on, two blog posts in two days? EXHAUSTION), but I just want to mention that while I am thrilled to be blogging again, my timing in rebooting this may have been – oh, what’s the phrase? – incredibly boneheaded. I’m going to be the maid of honor in a wedding this weekend, so I’ll be caught in a whirlwind of travel and to-do lists and chiffon. I’ll post when I can, but bear with me.

Anyway, the trailer for The Hunger Games premiered today! On the scale of “How embarrassed am I to have read this tween book series despite being an otherwise functioning adult?,” I’d put Hunger Games much closer to Harry Potter (Potterphile and proud!) than Twilight (Team Edward if forced to choose, and deeply mortified). So I’m excited for the movie – and the trailer looks really, really good. (My favorite quibble that I’ve seen, and it isn’t much of one, was that the trailer looked “much darker and more violent than expected.” It’s a film about a fight-to-the-death arena match set in a post-apocalyptic world; what EXACTLY were you envisioning?)

So here’s the trailer! Who else is excited, and will cop to having read this series? Who will be willing to see this with me, in public and everything? Anyone? Bueller?


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