Follow Friday!

A happy Veterans Day to you all! Check it out, two blog posts in two days! What a terrible job I’m doing of managing expectations.

Anywho, this will be brief-ish, but if you’re on Twitter (dear God I’ve gotten Twittified in the last several months, haven’t I?) then you’ve probably heard of the #FollowFriday phenomenon, in which you recommend people to follow. So how about we make that a feature of b-roll? Here are my suggestions, and the good news is that you can ACTUALLY follow them on Twitter if you’re so inclined, so we can just cross-pollinate the crap out of this:

  1. @FoxSearchlightYes, this is a film studio, and the reason that I recommend you follow it is that I just saw the Fox Searchlight film Martha Marcy May Marlene today, a haunting little indie that is quite fascinating and does not have its own Twitter page, so I may be fudging this ever so slightly. The movie is worth a watch for the wonderful performance of the Olsen twins’ little sister Elizabeth (I’m as surprised as you are by the previous sentence), and the adorable Hugh Dancy, on whom my crush is well-documented (I have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic about 964 times because he wears a tuxedo through most of it, and trust me, it is a deeply awful movie). Also, my recommendation is that you purchase a ticket online, because if you try to say “Martha Marcy May Marlene” aloud you will most likely embarrass yourself and have to make awkward chit-chat with the ticket seller. It’s worth the extra $3 in online fees, I promise.
  2. @DaveHolmes – Dave Holmes is a former MTV host (Remember? All of my contemporaries are going, “Ohmigod, yes!”), current Ford spokesman, and the TV recapper/blogger that I would like to be when I grow up. His X Factor recaps will make you howl with laughter, even if you don’t watch the show, which I don’t, since American Idol‘s most recent season created a major crisis of faith for me. (Also, Simon apparently used his hiatus to have some, uh, work done. I flipped on an early episode and yelled, “Oh, dear God!” and said a prayer of thanks for my old-school low-definition television set.) Anyway, start with the premiere recap and settle in to catch up on the rest. You will laugh. Hard.
  3. @DwainSmith – Is your friend a published novelist? Because mine totally is. Meet Dwain Smith, then buy one of his novels, because they are seriously good (and available on Kindle, too!). He even has a fan feed, @EvilDwainSmith – whose profile picture appears to be a strange synergy of Spock, a serial killer mugshot and Simon Cowell’s new face – and sure, Evil Dwain has only three followers, but it’s a process, people. In summation, there’s really no downside to following Dwain, so I highly recommend that you do so.

So there are my recommendations; if you have any, share away. Have a great weekend, b-rollers!

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