A Golden Globes live blog? If you insist…

Happy New Year, b-rollers! That’s right, pick that jaw up off of your keyboard – I’m back! Sure, it’s been several, uh, months, but I do hope you’ll forgive my absence. All is well, I just got caught up in a perfect storm of business, laziness, and a kinda meh TV and movie season. Seriously, has anything bowled you over this fall/winter, TV or movie-wise? I mean, I liked The Social Network (the likely Oscar fave), but I didn’t walk out of the theater and think “Wow, I’m profoundly moved!” I may be crazy or just hard to please, but them’s the facts. (To be fair, I really liked The King’s Speech, and I have yet to see likely nominees Black Swan, The Fighter and Tru Grit. So I’m a bit behind.)

Anywho, loyal b-rollers know that I love to live blog me some awards shows. And no awards show is more fun to watch than The Golden Globes, right? The champagne is flowing, Ricky Gervais will be making everyone profoundly uncomfortable (God, I love British comics), and most delightfully of all, a handful of European writers will select the winners, which means that nothing will make any sense whatsoever. These are the people that nominated The Tourist for Best Comedy – and if you haven’t seen The Tourist, I’m here to tell you that the majority of the humor was unintentional. In fact, the announcement of the nomination garnered more laughs from the assembled journalists than the movie did at my opening-weekend screening. But on the upside, the twice-nominated Johnny Depp – hey, did I mention I’m a fan? – will probably be in attendance. At the Globes, that is, not at Casa b-roll (in which case, b-roomie would have to take over live blogging duties while I was resuscitated).

So I shall see you on Sunday evening, b-rollers, and together we will live blog the unexpected. We’ll have to forgo the usual red carpet coverage this time, as I’ll be spending the pre-show watching my beloved New England Patriots take on the New York Windbags Jets in a playoff game; depending on the outcome, I’ll either be ebullient or suicidal, so prepare yourselves for an interesting chat. Until then!

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