Emmy Reax

Happy Friday, b-rollers! How are we this morning? I am reveling in the fact that I completely and totally CRUSHED the Emmy nominations. I’m not going to gloat…okay, I totally am. Granted, most of my picks were pretty safe, but I called Archie Panjabi getting a nod for The Good Wife! Seriously – check the tape! No kudos necessary, b-rollers. Do feel free to send congratulatory checks if you feel so inclined, though.

However, despite my Ted Williams-esque batting average, I did miss on a few. Two of my wishlist longshots – Ed Helms and Robert Sean Leonard – were passed over (yet again for the great RSL). The Grey’s Anatomy duo of Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh were shut out, too, which is considerably more egregious (DID YOU SEE THE FINALE, PEOPLE?!). Once again, Cat Deeley is snubbed – really, passed over for Heidi Klum? Seriously, voters? I love me some Project Runway, but Heidi’s got nothing on Cat. And So You Think You Can Dance got passed over in favor of Dancing With the Stars yet again, because really, who wouldn’t rather watch Kate Gosselin try to paso doble than talented, actual dancers? Sweet Jesus.

Anyway, there were some happy surprises, including a few that made me say, Duh, how could I forget to put them on my own b-roll nomination list? Most notably, I completely forgot about Mike O’Malley and Chris Colfer as Glee’s marvelous father-son team; both are completely excellent and totally deserving. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family‘s Mitchell) joined my two favorites from the show – Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet – in the Supporting Actor/Comedy category (but no Ed O’Neill? For shame, Emmy voters). Alan Cumming and Dylan Baker had sensational guest turns on The Good Wife (as did Beau Bridges on The Closer). And Elaine Stritch should be on every 30 Rock – she’s completely hysterical as Jack’s mother, Colleen.

And the mother of all surprises: How ’bout that Conan?! I’ll admit, I was Team Coco – I prefer him to Jay, and I thought he got totally jobbed by NBC (and then handled the situation with class and humor). So to see Conan’s Tonight Show get a nod over Leno and Letterman, well…I cheered so loudly that I startled my roommates at Casa b-roll.

And now just a few gripes, if I may. I love Will Arnett (GOB!) and Jon Hamm (Don Draper!), but they were not the two best guest stars on 30 Rock last season; as stated previously, Matt Damon and Michael Sheen were. If either of them wins for Guest Actor in a Comedy, they should really turn it into a Ving Rhames-Jack Lemmon moment. And Jon Cryer and Tony Shalhoub again?! Does anyone watch Monk or Two and a Half Men? No, I’m honestly asking – I’d like to know if they’re worthy of annual recognition (at the expense of Joel McHale, Ed O’Neill, Ed Helms, Rainn Wilson, Tracy Morgan…).

What say you, b-rollers?

One comment

  1. Congrats on your score.
    I’m vaguely disappointed that Brian McNamara of “Army Wives” didn’t get a best supporting actor nod (he plays the general). Does a good job.
    Now, slick, predict the winners. 🙂

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