So, yeah…

Okay, I know. I suck. Lay it on me, b-rollers. I’ve been, oh, about two weeks behind on posting the second half of my “Best of Pixar” list. The last couple of weeks spiraled away from me before I could say, “oh, wait, crap…” and suddenly the b-roll calendar is bereft of clickable links. Mea culpa.

But I’m going to be a blogging machine this week, folks. Just you wait and see. Here’s what’s on tap: tomorrow, you’ll get Part 2 of my “Best of Pixar” list, and I trust that you’ll all thoughtfully pretend that it was posted right on time. On Thursday morning, you’ll get the official b-roll Emmy nominee wishlist (and yes, I am ripping this off from every other entertainment writer/blogger in the history of ever). Why will I be posting this list on Thursday morning, you may ask? Because the real Emmy nominations – which will foolhardily have been chosen without any input from me whatsoever – come out that morning. And so on Friday, you’ll get my reaction to the actual Emmy noms, in which I’ll probably bemoan Tony Shalhoub’s 18th consecutive nomination for Monk (seriously, I like that guy and all, but how often must we dip into that well?) and the egregious snubs of some b-roll favorites. And this weekend I’ll post an incisive look at some of my summer guilty pleasure movies and TV shows; it’ll be an admirable exercise in which I try to pretend that I’m not ashamed to be a 28 year old working professional who occasionally watches MTV “reality” shows. That I seek out. And then DVR. Anyway…

So, am I forgiven? Are you overwhelmed by this week’s post-holiday b-roll slate? Ready to chime in on your favorite Pixar films, your favorite TV actors and shows, and the shows/movies that you love despite the fact that they ever-so-slightly cause you to die inside? Marvelous. Onward, b-rollers!

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