Odds and Ends

Happy Wednesday, b-rollers! I hope everyone’s having a lovely week. Just two short Wednesdays ago, we were crowning sweet, humble and entirely undeserving Lee DeWyze as OUR. NEXT. AMERICAN. IDOL. This Wednesday? I watched three episodes of Lost‘s first season on Netflix and am currently watching a hockey game. You read that correctly – HOCKEY. Just for reference, here’s the list of sports that I most enjoy watching, in order:

1. Football
2. Baseball
3. Basketball
17. Tennis
52. Figure skating
74. Olympic curling
97. Hockey
594. Golf
1,978. NASCAR

So, yeah. I’m kinda bored. (Sample analysis from one of the hockey experts: “We always say ‘play to win,’ not ‘play NOT to win!'” Insightful, thanks.) As I mentioned on Sunday, the slow summer season has begun. I’m kinda dying to live blog something, anything, but the only regular summer option – So You Think You Can Dance, slipping nicely into American Idol‘s place both in terms of format and time slot – requires actual, you know, watching. Also, the judges are constructive and useful, the host is damned likable (no Seacrest Memorial Staircase for Ms. Deeley, thank you very much, though she is a fan of Kara-esque sparkly couture), and my knowledge of dance technique is less, shall we say, defined. (When a judge says that a contestant needs to work on his “extension,” my reaction is less I was just thinking that! than Uh, sure. Whatever.) So there’s really less to critique since the show is, well, wildly better.

So since I’m without an overriding theme this evening, I thought I’d jump in with some random thoughts and updates. Sound good? Yes? No? Work with me, people.

  • As many of you know, the season finale of Glee was last night. Since I ranked this my #1 show, I probably shouldn’t let the end of the season pass without comment, yes? So here goes. I agree with the critics who thought the second half of the season was weaker than the first – though I adored the Madonna episode, gotta say – and understand the (perfectly valid) criticism that they’ve leveled at the show. It sometimes veers into illogical camp (sure, a person who whimsically decides to start a family gets to adopt a baby twelve minutes later because, hey, one’s available). The musical numbers are more autotuned than a Britney Spears-Lady GaGa duet.  The plot often seems molded to fit the songs, when it should be the opposite. That being said, you know that complete dork who’s listening to her iPod on a Wednesday morning, blasting each new Glee song from the previous evening’s episode (which, having been purchased minutes after the episode ended, are folded immediately into a playlist called “Glee!”) at top volume? Yeah, that’s me. Because though I recognize the show has flaws, the good still heavily outweighs the bad. I got goosebumps at last night’s “Faithfully” performance and “Bohemian Rhapsody” montage (MVP: Puck’s facial expressions in the delivery room), and completely relished the final Will Schuester-Sue Sylvester not-quite-showdown (if Jane Lynch doesn’t win an Emmy, so help me God…). If you’re still not a full-fledged Gleek, give it a whirl on Hulu. It’s worth your time.
  • Update on Lost: I’m about four episodes from the end of the first season, and I’m enjoying the show, I have to say. It is wildly entertaining and full of bizarre twists, but I’m happy that I get to dive in knowing most of the island’s secrets already (thanks, Twitter). If that seems idiotic, please know that I’m the type of person who, after purchasing my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel at 12:01am at a downtown DC Barnes & Noble on the day it was released, immediately flipped to the last page because I had to know if Harry lived. I don’t care if true Lost fans are horrified; this is the perfect way for me to experience the show. This evening, I watched the episode in which Claire had her baby and – SPOILER, though duh – Boone died (yes, I got teary). My first thought was how different it was from Glee: one juxtaposed the birth of a baby to an intricate song and dance performed to an iconic Queen song, while the other cut between a labor and a man slowly bleeding to death because he climbed into an airplane full of heroin that fell out of a tree shortly after finding a hatch in the ground in the middle of a jungle and no, this apparently doesn’t make more sense in print. Anyway, to anyone who’s wondering, yes, I have achieved that state of pleased bewilderment that designates Lost fans.
  • And finally, since I am desperate for a live blog, is anyone interested in the Tony Awards this Sunday besides me? I know, I’ve pretty much locked in my total dork status, but it’s an awards show (which we all know I love) with real live theater performances and everything! And Katie Holmes is presenting! Overlook that and watch anyway! If you’re free, plan to be here with me (and my takeout food) at 8pm for a live blog.

Back soon, b-rollers. Until then, happy channel surfing.

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