Happy Friday, b-rollers! Are you all having a lovely, lovely day? I hope so. I’ve been spending the last couple of days catching up on sleep – a chaotic vacation followed by a chaotic film festival trip will sap the energy right out of you, let me tell you! – and am thus delinquent on my b-rolling. But I shall carry on for you, faithful readers. I’ll be back tomorrow with my Disney post, and follow up on Sunday or Monday with a Tribeca post. Cool? Excellent. I’ll also be spending Sunday at Camden Yards in Baltimore cheering for my beloved Red Sox, who this year have thoughtfully decided to challenge conventional wisdom and declare that there is, in fact, crying in baseball. For the love of my sanity, Red Sox, please suck less.

So I’ll see you tomorrow with my etiquette guide for the Happiest Place on Earth. Until then!

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