I’m Back!

Hello, wonderful b-rollers! I’m back from the Happiest Place on Earth. Unfortunately, I caught a head cold from one of the thousands (it seemed like millions) of plague-ridden children at Disney World, which made it the My Throat Hurts and I Sound Like Elmer Fudd Meets Harvey Fierstein But I Went on Space Mountain And Drank a Gallon of Frozen Lemonade So It’s Still a Quite Enjoyable Place on Earth. But anywho, onward I go! I’ll have a blog post with expanded thoughts from my Disney adventures on Thursday, but let me just tell you – even if you’re not a fan of the pixie dust and SpectroMagic, there is no better place to people-watch (and pass silent, slack-jawed judgment) than Disney World. Clinton and Stacy from What Not to Wear could find a year’s worth of subjects in a single afternoon, though I think that after one loop around the Magic Kingdom they’d need post-traumatic stress counseling. My top-prize for “What the what?!” goes to a woman (impossible to tell her age, but she was with a clearly-much-older man – draw your own conclusions) with uber-bleached hair and tanned skin a la Snooki from Jersey Shore. She was wearing an Atlantic City after-dark dress, chunky gold jewelry, white stilettos and a full face of stage make-up. At 10am. On a Friday. AT EPCOT. She would’ve fit right in if they’d had an Amsterdam red-light district section of the World Showcase, but alas.

Anyway, I’m sure that you’re wondering, “Will there be an Idol live-blog tonight? Are you feeling up to another round of sarcastic running commentary? Since you’re already awash in “When You Wish Upon a Star” enchantment, can you possibly handle any more inspirational melodies?” The answers: Yes, Always, and Barely. But I shall forge ahead for you, faithful b-rollers. See you at 8pm.

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