Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Happy Monday, dear readers! I didn’t get to write anything yesterday because I was a touch busy with the grand Easter traditions – church, brunch, family phone conversations, Cadbury Mini Eggs, nap – and also because last evening saw the opening game of the 2010 baseball season between my beloved Boston Red Sox and the New York Dementors. Okay, Yankees. Seriously though, wouldn’t dementors be an excellent mascot for the Yankees? They suck the happiness out of you and make you feel miserable and soulless. I rest my case. (If you’re wondering what the hell dementors are, please pick up the Harry Potter series immediately. See my earlier post for the reasons why you should absolutely do this.)

So as I was contemplating what to write about this week, while simultaneously reveling in the glory of the Red Sox coming from behind to beat the Yanks (and in Neil Diamond leading the Fenway Faithful in a live rendition of “Sweet Caroline” – So Good! So Good! So Good!), it occurred to me that maybe, since I like baseball and write about movies, I should perhaps write about the baseball movies I like. Smart, yes?

So in honor of baseball’s opening week, I’ll be unveiling my top baseball films as the week progresses. I’m unclear if it’ll be a Top 10 list, a Top 5 or what (I don’t want to include baseball films that I only marginally tolerate just to fill out an arbitrary ranking sheet), but I’ll start breaking it down on Wednesday and give you my top film on Friday.

Holler back with your nominations (and your trash talk – bring it, Yankee fans). And since Verdun2 is the master of baseball knowledge, I’m especially anxious to hear his thoughts.

See you back here tomorrow evening for the Idol live blog. Until then, wishing you pleasant dreams and more Red Sox victories!


  1. See my 28 December 2009 post for five of my favorites. I constantly revise the list, so don’t take it too seriously now that it’s April. Will be very interested in you list. (Go Dodgers)

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