Cabin Fever

Happy Thursday, dear readers. It’s a sunny, gorgeous day here in DC. In fact, I kinda wish I was outside right now rather than blogging. Please don’t take that personally.

I’ll be posting my #1 film of 2009 tomorrow morning, but since I have a Board meeting for work tonight (damn those stupid work responsibilities!) that’ll be it until, oh, Sunday or so. It’s supposed to be another gorgeous day here on Saturday, and I plan to spend it out and about, wandering aimlessly around the city.

I realize that I’m extremely delinquent in posting my Green Zone thoughts; I apologize for that. My need to sleep AND to show up at my job have prevented me from doing so. I know, I know: priorities. I’ll try to post a full recap next week. Here’s the nutshell version, in case you can’t wait: It’s not just Bourne in Baghdad. It’s good.

So, see you back here tomorrow morning with my top film of ’09. I think it’ll surprise you, and I look forward to your comments. Until then – go get some fresh air, wherever you are.

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