Taking the Weekend Off. Kinda.

It’s a gray, rainy weekend here in DC, absolutely perfect for writing, cleaning and napping. I plan to do lots of each. I’ll be working on my Top 20 Movies of ’09 list and writing up my thoughts on Green Zone, which I saw this afternoon, to post next week. In a related story, my room looks as if a bomb went off in it, with scattered clothes in place of rubble, so the cleaning is rather necessary. And napping, well – writing and cleaning are damn exhausting.

So I’ll be back on Monday, well-rested and tidy, with my #11-20 movies from ’09. Have a marvelous weekend.

One comment

  1. Cleaning has always exhausted you, mainly to the point where you would put everything in a trash bag and throw it in storage. That was cleaning! Good luck~~

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